Meital Elkayam Jewelry uses significant birthstones to create beautiful, quality pieces of jewelry. But before you get your own or purchase one for your loved ones, might as well take some time reading some pieces incredible information about the precious gemstones.  


But prior to discussing the birthstone itself, let's first take a look at where it came from and some interesting myths about it.


The origin of birthstone is believed to date back to Aaron's breastplate which consists of twelve gemstones, each representing twelve tribes in Israel. In case you are wondering, Aaron was Moses' elder brother who is believed to wore the breastplate to communicate with God.


The Aaron's breastplate is also known as the Breastplate of Judgment or the Priestly Breastplate. The gems include emerald, sapphire, topaz, diamond, the sardius, agate, carbuncle, ligure, onyx, amethyst, beryl, and Jasper.


But how do the breastplate gems become birthstones? Well, in the first and fifth century AD, 2 scholars named St. Jerome and Flavius Josephus are credited with connecting the 12 gems with the 12 zodiac signs. Initially, the belief is that every individual should own all twelve birthstones. They will wear each one on the corresponding month. Typically, you can see birthstones worn as a pendant of a piece of jewelry.


Ready to find out what the birthstone for each month of the year? Here you go.