February: Amethys

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Amethyst is a beautiful gem that somehow portrays perfectly the character of the month of February. In many parts of the world, February is short, dark, and cold. Amethyst is generally associated with courage, stability, balance, sincerity, calm disposition, and peace, which are perfect for those who need a little extra strength and warmth this time of the year.

The gem comes with a gorgeous color of purple, which is a result of iron impurities, irradiation, as well as the presence of the trace elements. Although the gem is recognized of its purple color, it can also come in light pinkish violet to something darker like a deep purple. The stone usually has color variants depending on how it is cut.

When it comes to composition, the gem is composed of quartz, the 2nd most abundant material on Earth. It usually occurs in the cavities or geodes of granitic rocks and can be found in different parts of the globe including Canada, Zambia, Brazil, and the United States. When it comes to the level of hardness, Amethyst comes in the level 7 of Mohs Hardness Scale.