June: Pearl and Alexandrite

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

People who are born in June have two birthstone options: Pearl and Alexandrite


Those round, white strand of elegant pearls has somehow gained a reputation as pieces of pieces of jewelry worn only by grandmas on formal occasions. The perceived notions as to what pearls represent somehow made this birthstone underrated. But these days, pearls are already worn by people of all ages in all lengths and colors. You can wear it every day even when just going to the office!

There are lots of pearl options. You can have the fine types that come in creamy white or choose the cultured freshwater ones. There are also black pearls. But they are not really black but rather purple, green, silver, or blue.

This birthstone symbolizes innocence and purity.


Alexandrite can be the perfect gem for those who love magic. It’s color changing ability can just amaze anyone. When placed outdoors in the broad daylight, the stone can appear cool bluish and mossy green while under the lamplight, Alexandrite appears red with raspberry tone. The more distinct the changing of colors, the more valuable the stone.

Alexandrite is associated with learning and concentration. It is also believed that the gemstone can aid its owner’s creativity, strengthen intuition, and inspire imagination.