March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

For March, the known birthstone is Aquamarine. But there is actually one other birthstone, the Bloodstone.


As the name implies, Aquamarine comes in the bright color of the ocean and pastel sky blue. For centuries, this gem has been a symbol of health, youth, hope, and fidelity and is said to embody am eternal life. Aquamarine is also believed to have a soothing influence on couples who are already married. Specifically, this gemstone is used to celebrate nineteenth wedding anniversaries.

Bloodstones, also called the heliotrope, is a dark-green stone with red spots. This gemstone is sometimes also known as Blood Jasper. It comes in two forms: the opaque stone with little to no red spots and a more transparent one with red spots.

Although this gem may not be as popular as Aquamarine, many still value this for its properties and symbolism. In ancient times, the Babylonians used the stone to make amulets and seals and were believed to have healing powers while other ancient cultures actually believed it has magical powers. The stone was also used by the Babylonians in their divination. These days, some wearer of the gemstone believe that it can help increase personal strength, boost creativity or their overall energy, and aids with mental clarity.